New Service: Website Speed Up – Make your website faster!

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Webforge is pleased to announce a brand new service offering: Website Speed Up

Make your website faster! One of the biggest reasons for business owners’ to elect a website redesign is because of a sluggishly slow website. As a result, the pro’s at Webforge have developed a trademarked process for speeding up websites called EXPLODE!™
(Extreme Page Load Optimizations & Domain Efficacy!)

Webforge has identified and documented hundreds of both common and uncommon website speed bottlenecks and their associated optimizations. These bottlenecks occur through poor coding, poor multimedia implementation, and server or domain configurations. Each website receives a custom project plan listing bottlenecks and planned optimizations; then all optimizations are executed at once, creating an EXPLOSION of speed!

Visitors, Google, and your bottomline will benefit from a faster website. You can read more about the Website Speed Up service by going to its service page. Give Webforge a call or use our contact form to contact us about making your website faster!

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