EXPLODE™ Website Speed Up – The Case Study

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After utilizing Webforge for web design tweaks, Internet Billboards’ website was transformed by undergoing our EXPLODE™ website speed up and optimization process. The website acceleration results were amazing to say the least!

Baseline Speed Testing

Our baseline website assessment helps us in determining current performance bottlenecks and where to focus most of our energy. Internet Billboards’ home page took a full minute (60.08 seconds) to load, and had more than twice as many server calls as The New York Times Online and The Wall Street Journal Online combined. After analyzing the results it was clear that Internet Billboards was more bottleneck than performance!

On Page Optimizations (Front End)

We began with design optimizations which reduced load time by more than 40 seconds, this was a huge improvement but the website was still loading very slowly (20.4 seconds). After fixing obvious and topical issues like plugin bloat and simple on page optimizations we delved further into the code by rewriting core functionality; this further reduced server and database calls. After the front end optimizations were complete Internet Billboards’ home page load time had been reduced to just over 8 seconds (8.52 seconds), a 90% reduction in load time! The EXPLODE™ process was well underway but still incomplete, we shifted our focus to the web server.

Server Optimizations (Back End)

Adhering to our data scrubbing methodology we shrunk the monstrous 1.7 gig database to only 80 megs, a reduction of more than 95%! Utilization of EXPLODE™ server optimizations more than halved the server call count. We finalized the server side optimizations by making custom configuration changes to Internet Billboards’ web server, ensuring that every last drop of performance was being utilized.

EXPLODE™ Speed Up Results

Webforge EXPLODE™ Case Study - Page Load Time

The Webforge EXPLODE™ process reduced Internet Billboards’ website load time to just 3.13 seconds, an amazing 95% reduction in load time! The server call count was reduced to a meager 77 calls (including all sub-calls to multiple ad networks), and a page size of 1.02Mb (half of its original size). By reducing the number of server calls and optimizing the website’s performance EXPLODE™ enabled Internet Billboards to migrate off of their dedicated hosting server (costing $220/mo) and onto a much more reasonably priced shared server ($6/mo). Internet Billboards now scores an ‘A’ with Google’s Page Speed tool and is currently enjoying a large boost in traffic!

“I have tremendous respect and gratitude for Webforge’s process,” says Internet Billboards owner Tom George. “I was just a guy with a vision doing my best to navigate the techie waters, but with Webforge I’ve found a new partner whose knowledge and speed in finding solutions to complicated technical issues is amazing. In short, EXPLODE is the bomb!” (No pun intended, lol!)

The EXPLODE™ Website Speed Up and Acceleration process is a proven methodology of successfully speeding up websites. Contact us today to find out how EXPLODE™ can speed up your site or if you might benefit from any of our other services, like a free web design quote!

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